T-One,Automotive , Replacement Parts,42円,www.canuxploitation.com,118428,Assembly,Connector,with,Circuit,Tekonsha,/Bulbophyllum300061.html,Protected T-One,Automotive , Replacement Parts,42円,www.canuxploitation.com,118428,Assembly,Connector,with,Circuit,Tekonsha,/Bulbophyllum300061.html,Protected 超目玉 Tekonsha 118428 T-One Connector Circuit Protected Assembly with 42円 Tekonsha 118428 T-One Connector Assembly with Circuit Protected Automotive Replacement Parts 42円 Tekonsha 118428 T-One Connector Assembly with Circuit Protected Automotive Replacement Parts 超目玉 Tekonsha 118428 T-One Connector Circuit Protected Assembly with

超目玉 Tekonsha 無料サンプルOK 118428 T-One Connector Circuit Protected Assembly with

Tekonsha 118428 T-One Connector Assembly with Circuit Protected


Tekonsha 118428 T-One Connector Assembly with Circuit Protected

Product description

Tekonsha 'T-One', Vehicle Specific Tow Harness Connectors require no splicing of vehicle wires. Simply locate your vehicle's wiring harness connector, unplug the connection and insert the T-One Connector into the vehicle's harness. No special tools required. To reduce the strain on your vehicle's existing electrical system, this kit includes a powered ModuLite module that takes power directly from the battery to power the trailer's lighting system. Depending on the vehicle, the module either receives its power from a single, simple to add, wire that connects to the positive battery terminal or draws power from the vehicle's trailer wiring port. The ModuLite module also ensures that the tow vehicle's electrical system is compatible with the trailer's wiring, as well as safeguarding the tow vehicle's electrical system from harmful short circuits and overload situations. Included 4-wire flat connector is compatible with 5, 6 and 7 pole adapters (not included) to fit just about any trailer system. From it's humble origins as a manufacturer of RV stairs and steps in 1964, Tekonsha has evolved to become a trusted name in towing safety. The core product line consists of brake controllers, electrical wiring and trailer brakes. The Tekonsha line has long been trusted by professional towers and weekend warriors for worry-free travel.

From the manufacturer

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Tekonsha 118428 T-One Connector Assembly with Circuit Protected

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