-,16oz.,49円,www.canuxploitation.com,Grade,Lemon,Oil,Scented,Sugar,-,Premium,Health Household , Health Care,Oil,Fragrance,/banghy301137.html メーカー直送 Lemon Sugar Premium Grade Fragrance Oil - 16oz. Scented -,16oz.,49円,www.canuxploitation.com,Grade,Lemon,Oil,Scented,Sugar,-,Premium,Health Household , Health Care,Oil,Fragrance,/banghy301137.html メーカー直送 Lemon Sugar Premium Grade Fragrance Oil - 16oz. Scented 49円 Lemon Sugar Premium Grade Fragrance Oil - Scented Oil - 16oz. Health Household Health Care 49円 Lemon Sugar Premium Grade Fragrance Oil - Scented Oil - 16oz. Health Household Health Care

激安通販販売 メーカー直送 Lemon Sugar Premium Grade Fragrance Oil - 16oz. Scented

Lemon Sugar Premium Grade Fragrance Oil - Scented Oil - 16oz.


Lemon Sugar Premium Grade Fragrance Oil - Scented Oil - 16oz.

Product description

An Oil Fragrance that is an energetic blend of sunny lemon and pure sugar with bright notes of lemon zest, fresh orange, and golden vanilla.

Lemon Sugar Premium Grade Fragrance Oil - Scented Oil - 16oz.

We have been a leader in eye care for over 50 years, serving Maryland and Virginia since 1964. In our decades of experience, we have watched our patients grow from young children to adults with families of their own, all with healthy eyes and their best vision.

We take the time to tailor each visit to your needs, whatever they may be.

Your Eyes & Our Doctors Make a Great Pair

At our clinic, we have a diverse group of talents to best suit your eye care needs. Our team consists of five doctors, making us well-equipped for vision assessment, disease prevention, and ocular treatments for ailments like dry eye. We have an in-house ophthalmologist, Dr Michael Summerfield, which means we are able to offer both cataract and refractive surgery here at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care.

Meet the team at our clinic in Rockville

High-Level Technology Means High-Level Care

Our updated office features a bright atmosphere with the latest in ocular technology. A lot has changed in the optical industry since we first opened our doors and we have stayed true to maintaining the latest equipment. Advancements in imaging and diagnostics allow us to perform to our best. For our patients, this means attention to detail, more accurate results, and more time for personal interactions.

Book your yearly appointment with us to ensure your eyes are as healthy as they can be. We will check your acuity both near and far, your field of vision, and your range of color visibility. From there we dig deeper to understand the health of your eyes including your retina, macula, and optic nerve. This allows us to screen for potential diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration.

We want you to understand your eyes as well as we do, so we leave time for questions at the end of every appointment. Book multiple appointments at once for the entire family, we will never rush you out of the exam room, no matter how many questions or comments your kids can think of! When you are satisfied, our reception staff will help you book your next appointment and our opticians can help you choose the most flattering eyewear.

For many age-related diseases, vision loss is incredibly gradual, making it difficult to notice the change. In the case of glaucoma, your peripheral eyesight deteriorates first, whereas, with age-related macular degeneration, it is an impairment of your central vision. Both conditions can cause blindness if left untreated.

Our top-notch equipment gives us the edge when it comes to early disease detection. We can identify the warning signs of ocular diseases such as high intraocular pressure or any damage to the macula. This gives us a chance to build a treatment program with you that could save your eyesight.

Living with dry eye syndrome is exhausting, and unnecessary. Modern advances in treatment give every patient a solution. Whether it’s eye drops, punctal plugs, or a clinical treatment like meibomian gland expression, we will help you find a way to live without dry, itchy, irritated eyes.

Style & Sophistication in Our Dispensary

After your visit to one of our optometrists, our opticians will be waiting to help you in our dispensary. We carry high-end brands, with the best names in fashion like Dita and Gotti. Find frames for the whole family, including sunglasses and safety glasses.

Start shopping our brands here!

To make your appointment just that much easier, we offer direct deposit from the following providers:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Health Care
  • BCBS
  • VSP
  • Eyemed
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Driving Directions to Our Rockville/Gaithersburg office:

Take Shady Grove exit going West (Left off the exit). At 3rd traffic light, including the light at the 270 exit, turn Right onto Research Boulevard. Make your 1st Left into the parking lot of the white building at the corner of Shady Grove and Research Boulevard.

Take Shady Grove Exit going West (Right off the exit). At 2nd traffic light, turn Right onto Research Boulevard. Make your 1st Left into the parking lot of the white building at the corner of Shady Grove and Research Boulevard.

Turn onto Shady Grove Road heading West. Follow the route 270 overpass. At the 2nd traffic light after the overpass, turn Right onto Research Boulevard. Make your 1st Left into the parking lot of the white building at the corner of Shady Grove and Research Boulevard.

Look for our office at the corner of Shady Grove Road and Research Boulevard. Make your 1st Left, after crossing Shady Grove Road, into the parking lot of the white building at the corner of Shady Grove and Research Boulevard.


15200 Shady Grove Road, Suite 100
Rockville, MD, 20850

Contact Information

Phone: (301) 670-1212
Email: reception@youreyesite.com

Shady Grove Care Hours

In addition to our office hours, we offer a 24-hour emergency answering service available to all established patients.

Monday: 9 AM - 6 PM
Tuesday: 8 AM - 6 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM - 6 PM
Thursday: 8 AM - 6 PM
Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
Saturday: Appointment Only
Sunday: Closed

Additional Notes

*Saturday hours are by appointment only.*