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Orchard Corset CS-530 爆売り Womens Brocade Steel Waist セットアップ Boned Overbust

Orchard Corset CS-530 Womens Brocade Overbust Steel Boned Waist


Orchard Corset CS-530 Womens Brocade Overbust Steel Boned Waist

Product Description

Orchard Corset CS-530: Steel Boned, Waist Trainer, Overbust Corset.

The CS-530, features a beautifully textured fabric in an overbust, steel boned corset from Orchard Corset that will fit many different shapes and sizes. The CS-530 offers the classic and elegant look of traditional corsets and is perfect for costumes, weddings or as a daily waist trainer. The 530 is a standard length corset, with the look of a longline- due to the long front center busk with contoured bottom edge. The cup can accomodate D-G cups in all sizes. An A-B cup can often work in sizes 18-24 with the cups formed differently.

How to measure for your corset:

Step #1: Take your measurements using the pictured guidelines.

Step #2: Determine Your Size amp; Style

A general corset sizing guideline is as follows: If your natural waist (where you bend side to side) is under 38” select a corset 4-7 inches smaller than your natural waist. If your natural waist is over 38” select a corset 7-10 inches smaller than your natural waist.

As a rule of thumb, we have our customers order 4-7 inches below their natural waist size. So if you have a 29″ waist, you would order a size 24 corset.

Other Factors to Consider
  • Wearing a corset for fashion or back support? We recommend only 3-5 inches smaller than your natural waist.
  • New to corseting? Error on the side of too big and work your way into a smaller corset.
  • Torso length: If you are tall and have lots of extra "fluff," you may find 8-10 inches is not too extreme a reduction because you have more area to spread your soft tissue.
  • Your "squish" factor: Lean muscle is not going to have as much give as soft tissue. The more "give" you have in your waist, the more aggresive you can be with your silhouette level.

Orchard Corset CS-530 Womens Brocade Overbust Steel Boned Waist

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Our Range

We offer our customers a range of bottled and mains fed water coolers, hot water dispensers, taps and hospitality systems. 

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Pura Guard

24hr protection against the growth of viruses from the coronavirus family.

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Water Dispensers for the Hospitality Industry

Bottling Systems • Taps • Glass Bottles • Filtration

Pura is the hospitality division of Thirsty Work,
Providing the highest level of water solutions.

With options for front and back of house, chilled, boiling and
sparkling water, and a wide range of accessories and branded glass bottles.

We cater for all businesses in the hospitality industry.

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Why Choose Us?

A Wide Selection of Water Coolers & Dispensers

Thirsty Work offers a range of free-standing and countertop water coolers and water dispensers, suitable for all workplaces and designed to conveniently suit every space. We deliver across the whole of the South of England, providing a range of different water configurations, including unlimited hot, chilled, or ambient water, and optional sparkling water too. Our range of Pura filters have been developed to use our advanced filtration technology, providing your business with the highest quality of filtered water. Find the right water dispenser for you - take a look through our range, and contact us directly if you need help choosing the ideal water cooler, or hot water boiler for your workplace. Most of our products are available to try FREE for 10 days.

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