Fabric,Whale,Ocean,Sea,www.canuxploitation.com,Home Kitchen , Bath,25円,/diplocephalus549751.html,Curtain,4,Nautical,Pcs,Genrics,Set,Shower 25円 Genrics 4 Pcs Sea Whale Shower Curtain Set Nautical Ocean Fabric Home Kitchen Bath Genrics 4 Pcs Sea 新作販売 Whale Shower Curtain Set Ocean Nautical Fabric Fabric,Whale,Ocean,Sea,www.canuxploitation.com,Home Kitchen , Bath,25円,/diplocephalus549751.html,Curtain,4,Nautical,Pcs,Genrics,Set,Shower 25円 Genrics 4 Pcs Sea Whale Shower Curtain Set Nautical Ocean Fabric Home Kitchen Bath Genrics 4 Pcs Sea 新作販売 Whale Shower Curtain Set Ocean Nautical Fabric

Genrics 4 Pcs Sea 新作販売 Whale Shower 絶品 Curtain Set Ocean Nautical Fabric

Genrics 4 Pcs Sea Whale Shower Curtain Set Nautical Ocean Fabric


Genrics 4 Pcs Sea Whale Shower Curtain Set Nautical Ocean Fabric

Product description


Package Included:

1 × Sea Shower Curtain.
12 × Strong Metal Hooks.
1× Bathroom Mat.
1 × Toilet Lid Cover.
1 × U Shape Rug.


1 Don’t bleach it.
2 Machine wash , hand wash or wipe clean with a damp cloth.
3 Due to differences in computer monitors display, there can be slight
color variations between the actual product and your screen.
4 There will be a slight difference in product sizes due to manual

Unique Design:
The tropical coconut design will give you a different novelty experience. Let
you enjoy the shower time.
Waterproof Shower Curtain:

It features raincoat waterproof technology which allowed water to
easily glide off, dries quickly and resist soaking.
Easy to Install:

With 12 free strong hooks and reinforced top-header, you can install
easily and simply.
Size Information:
Waterproof shower curtain is 72" L × 72" W, Thickened bathroom mat
is 29.5" L × 17.3" W, O shape toilet lid cover: 17.3" L × " 14.96" W,
U shape rug: 19.29" L × 15.35" W.Fit most standard bathroom.

Genrics 4 Pcs Sea Whale Shower Curtain Set Nautical Ocean Fabric

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