Fuel Injectors ECCPP 4 pcs 0280156046 Injector Holes Kit 販売 0280156046,Fuel,Fuel,4,www.canuxploitation.com,45円,Kit,4,pcs,Holes,Injector,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/firework621.html,Injectors,ECCPP 45円 Fuel Injectors ECCPP 4 pcs 4 Holes Fuel Injector Kit 0280156046 Automotive Replacement Parts Fuel Injectors ECCPP 4 pcs 0280156046 Injector Holes Kit 販売 0280156046,Fuel,Fuel,4,www.canuxploitation.com,45円,Kit,4,pcs,Holes,Injector,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/firework621.html,Injectors,ECCPP 45円 Fuel Injectors ECCPP 4 pcs 4 Holes Fuel Injector Kit 0280156046 Automotive Replacement Parts

Fuel Injectors ディスカウント ECCPP 4 pcs 0280156046 Injector Holes Kit 販売

Fuel Injectors ECCPP 4 pcs 4 Holes Fuel Injector Kit 0280156046


Fuel Injectors ECCPP 4 pcs 4 Holes Fuel Injector Kit 0280156046

Product description

Notes!!! Only for Vehicles that Use Gasoline

These Fuel Injectors Get You MANY BENEFITS:
Your engine will last longer!
You'll get faster throttle response!
You'll get better fuel economy !
Overall your vehicle's performance will be improved!

Fit For:
2002 Ford Focus Base Sedan 4-Door 2.0L
2003 Ford Focus High Sedan 4-Door 2.0L
2002-2004 Ford Focus LX Sedan 4-Door 2.0L
2002 Ford Focus Manual Sedan 4-Door 2.0L
2003 Ford Focus Mid Sedan 4-Door 2.0L
2002-2004 Ford Focus SE Sedan 4-Door 2.0L
2002-2004 Ford Focus SE Wagon 4-Door 2.0L
2002-2004 Ford Focus ZTS Sedan 4-Door 2.0L
2002-2004 Ford Focus ZTW Wagon 4-Door 2.0L

Condition: Brand New
Electrical Connector Type: EV 6
O-Rings Included: Yes
Flow Rate: 196ml/min 3 BAR
Resistance: 14.5 OHMS
Orifice Type: 4 holes disc
Injector Design: Metal composite plastic
Filter Design: Basket filter design at inlet
Fuel Type: Petrol
OEM Part Number: 0280156046 FJ768 822-11141 1S4Z-9F593-AA
Package: Length:4.88 inch, Width: 3.51 inch, Height: 2.15 inch, Weight: 0.43 lbs
Warranty: 1 year

Package including:
4 pcs Fuel injectors

Fuel Injectors ECCPP 4 pcs 4 Holes Fuel Injector Kit 0280156046

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