Onguard Mastiff 信用 8019L Bike Chain Bicycle Secure Gold Lock Sold 65円 Onguard Mastiff 8019L Bike Chain Lock (Sold Secure Bicycle Gold) Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation (Sold,Lock,Mastiff,,Gold),Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Onguard,Chain,Bicycle,8019L,Bike,/guarder179.html,65円,Secure 65円 Onguard Mastiff 8019L Bike Chain Lock (Sold Secure Bicycle Gold) Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation (Sold,Lock,Mastiff,,Gold),Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Onguard,Chain,Bicycle,8019L,Bike,/guarder179.html,65円,Secure Onguard Mastiff 信用 8019L Bike Chain Bicycle Secure Gold Lock Sold

Onguard Mastiff 信用 贈物 8019L Bike Chain Bicycle Secure Gold Lock Sold

Onguard Mastiff 8019L Bike Chain Lock (Sold Secure Bicycle Gold)


Onguard Mastiff 8019L Bike Chain Lock (Sold Secure Bicycle Gold)

Product description

OnGuard Mastiff 8019L Bike Chain Lock

The hexagonal and square links of the Mastiff 8019L presents a more hardened surface than round links, making sawing and cutting virtually impossible while Titanium surface hardening vastly increases cut and saw resistance.


  • Chain dimensions: 180cm x 10mm
  • Shackle diameter: 14mm Hardened steel
  • Automatic keyway cover weatherproofs the lock meachanism
  • 10mm (0.39 "") titanium reinforced hardened steel hexagonal link chain resists cutting or prying
  • Chain cover protects paint and finishes embroidered logo won""t flake or wear off
  • Bump proof Z-Cylinder resistant to picking pulling and drilling
  • Includes 5 laser cut keys 1 with in built micro LED

Onguard Mastiff 8019L Bike Chain Lock (Sold Secure Bicycle Gold)


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