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Octagon ショッピング Crystal Ornament Custom Christm Printed Text 正規激安 Engraved

Octagon Crystal Ornament | Custom Engraved Text Printed Christm


Octagon Crystal Ornament | Custom Engraved Text Printed Christm

Product description

Gone are the days when gifts were a matter of choosing between the few available options. You now have an unlimited number of choices, especially in customizing your presents to suit your needs. This crystal ornament is not just an ordinary ‘high quality’ ornament. This professionally crafted ornament is customized with a laser which etches in a beautiful design. That's right! We don't just offer you plain and boring ornaments, we give you an added benefit of us etch work at no additional cost.

We are not just focusing on quality, but also on bringing in new styles and adding new innovative ways for customers to fully customize the ornament themselves. The etch work is particularly pleasing because of its finesse. Since this work is done via a precision laser using the best and highest possible tech available, you get perfect results every time. {Ornament Specifications} - Has silver string for hanging - Ornament is 3/16" thick - Facets around edge - Item is hand made so sizes may vary slightly

● Silver string for hanging
● Ornament is 3/16" thick
● Facets around edge
● Item is hand made so sizes may vary slightly

Mark a special occasion on your Christmas tree! Be reminded of the love and thanks! No matter what your special occasion, the extra love and thankfulness that comes around the holidays is the perfect time to remember the big days in life. Create your own ornament and celebrate with family and friends each year!

The octagonal crystal looks fantastic and have a good decorative effect, adding a different touch to your home. Make your living room stand out by adding this simple yet artistically designed decoration. Stylishly designed with aqua crystal to add a playful yet sophisticated Octagon Crystal.

Octagon Crystal Ornament | Custom Engraved Text Printed Christm


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