AIMODOR Womens Vintage Loafers おトク Chunky Low On Heel Slip Round Toe 25円 AIMODOR Womens Vintage Loafers Chunky Low Heel Round Toe Slip On Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 25円 AIMODOR Womens Vintage Loafers Chunky Low Heel Round Toe Slip On Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Toe,AIMODOR,Loafers,Round,On,Heel,Vintage,/infusoriform1976339.html,,Low,Chunky,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,25円,Womens,Slip Toe,AIMODOR,Loafers,Round,On,Heel,Vintage,/infusoriform1976339.html,,Low,Chunky,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,25円,Womens,Slip AIMODOR Womens Vintage Loafers おトク Chunky Low On Heel Slip Round Toe

AIMODOR Womens Vintage Loafers おトク Chunky Low On Heel Slip Round 定価 Toe

AIMODOR Womens Vintage Loafers Chunky Low Heel Round Toe Slip On


AIMODOR Womens Vintage Loafers Chunky Low Heel Round Toe Slip On

Product description

Heel height:1.38''(3.5cm)
Inner material:synthetic
Closure type:Slip On
Style: vintage loafers pumps for women

AIMODOR offers many kinds of shoes, like pumps, sandals, mules, boots. You can find many shoes that you like.
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AIMODOR Womens Vintage Loafers Chunky Low Heel Round Toe Slip On

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