Switch,Audio,Cover,/intraparenchymatous1975415.html,Frame,CD,Volume,Automotive , Replacement Parts,23円,Trim,Adjust,Panel,Media,f,Car,www.canuxploitation.com Car CD Media Audio Volume Adjust Cover 世界の人気ブランド Trim Panel Switch f Frame 23円 Car CD Media Audio Volume Adjust Switch Panel Frame Trim Cover f Automotive Replacement Parts 23円 Car CD Media Audio Volume Adjust Switch Panel Frame Trim Cover f Automotive Replacement Parts Car CD Media Audio Volume Adjust Cover 世界の人気ブランド Trim Panel Switch f Frame Switch,Audio,Cover,/intraparenchymatous1975415.html,Frame,CD,Volume,Automotive , Replacement Parts,23円,Trim,Adjust,Panel,Media,f,Car,www.canuxploitation.com

Car CD Media 現品 Audio Volume Adjust Cover 世界の人気ブランド Trim Panel Switch f Frame

Car CD Media Audio Volume Adjust Switch Panel Frame Trim Cover f


Car CD Media Audio Volume Adjust Switch Panel Frame Trim Cover f

Product description


For for Ford F150 2015 Up
Crafted from high quality ABS plastic and will not rust, corrode or peel
Perfect match for the original car.
Easy installation with self-adhesive tape without any equipment, no drilling required.
Give your car a nice complete look by adding this cover that is formed and curved to go along with the original car frame.
Add distinctive, unique look, but also protects your car from impact damage when driving and off-roading.

Installation guide:
Step 1. With rubbing alcohol clean all the place where the decorative pieces will be pasted(very important)
Step 2. Wait a minute until the alcohol is dry, remove the protective film on the adhesive tape.And use the lighter or hair dryer to add some heat to the tape.
Step 3. Paste the decoration trims in the corresponding position
Step 4. Press the decorative piece firmly into place.

Car CD Media Audio Volume Adjust Switch Panel Frame Trim Cover f

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