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GUU 31Inch Archery Carbon Arrows with 5" Natural Feathers Practi


GUU 31Inch Archery Carbon Arrows with 5" Natural Feathers Practi

Product description

Material: Mixed Carbon Arrow
Spine: 500
Weight:About 30g
Arrow shaft length: 31 inches
Inner Diameter 6.2mm
Outer Diameter 7.8mm
Arrow Feather: 5 inch Drop Shaped turkey feather
Arrow head: 100 Grain Replaceable Arrow Tips
Arrow tail: black interpolation

6 pack carbon arrows
12 pack carbon arrows

Customer Service:
We are confident in the quality of our products, if you have any questions or problems about our product,
please contact us with no worries, we will be happy to answer you and get it done asap!

Note: All dimensions and weights are measured manually, there may be some small errors, but this depends on the actual error.

GUU 31Inch Archery Carbon Arrows with 5" Natural Feathers Practi


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