Pin,Caduceus,PinMart,Radiology,Technician,26円,Lapel,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Medical,,/recreation/activities/biking/ Pin,Caduceus,PinMart,Radiology,Technician,26円,Lapel,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Medical,,/recreation/activities/biking/ 新品 PinMart Radiology Technician Caduceus Pin Medical Lapel 26円 PinMart Radiology Technician Caduceus Medical Lapel Pin Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 新品 PinMart Radiology Technician Caduceus Pin Medical Lapel 26円 PinMart Radiology Technician Caduceus Medical Lapel Pin Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

新品 PinMart Radiology Technician Caduceus Pin Medical 安値 Lapel

PinMart Radiology Technician Caduceus Medical Lapel Pin


PinMart Radiology Technician Caduceus Medical Lapel Pin

Product description

This Radiology Technician pin is 1" round, featuring the medical caduceus in the center. It is gold plated with enamel color fills and polished to a fine shine. Perfect for the tech who just finished school or your favorite technician at your medical clinic. This is a nice token to distribute to a group at special radiologist events. Each includes a standard clutch back; ideal to attach to a lanyard, medical bag strap or medical badge. Each is individually poly bagged.

PinMart Radiology Technician Caduceus Medical Lapel Pin


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