Countersink Set ☆国内最安値に挑戦☆ 90 ° HSS Co5 DIN335 °C Co5,90 °,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,HSS,/us/contributors/david-w-wahl-phd,,116円,Set,DIN335 °C,Countersink Countersink Set ☆国内最安値に挑戦☆ 90 ° HSS Co5 DIN335 °C 116円 Countersink Set 90 ° DIN335 °C HSS Co5 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Co5,90 °,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,HSS,/us/contributors/david-w-wahl-phd,,116円,Set,DIN335 °C,Countersink 116円 Countersink Set 90 ° DIN335 °C HSS Co5 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Countersink Set ☆国内最安値に挑戦☆ 90 ° HSS Co5 高級な DIN335 °C

Countersink Set 90 ° DIN335 °C HSS Co5


Countersink Set 90 ° DIN335 °C HSS Co5

Product description

Taper Countersunk Hex Socket Replacement DIN335 °C Pipe 90 ° d.6,3 20.5 mm HSS Intermediate Tap CO 6. Metal caseDIN 335 °C3 CuttingCountersunk 90 °.Each 1 Countersink 6.3 – 8.3 – 10.4 – 12.4 – 16.5 (shaft – ø10,0 mm) – 20.5 mmComes in a metal boxMaterial: HSS-Co 3SCHNEIDEN

Countersink Set 90 ° DIN335 °C HSS Co5

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